HCDE Employee Benefits

HCDE believes that providing quality health benefits is important for recruiting and maintaining the best employees. HCDE strives to maintain competitive and cost-effective benefits with insurance options to best meet individual and family needs.

Employee Benefits Include:

  • Health and Family Benefits
  • Financial Protection
    • Life Insurance – Unum
    • Disability Insurance – Standard Disability
  • Retirement
  • Personal Leave and Vacation
    • Personal Leave Benefits – Full-time employees working 10, 11, or 12-month schedules earn one personal leave day each month after working at least 10 days within the month. 
    • Vacation Days – Full-time employees working 12-month schedules (240 days) receive 10 vacation days. Employees who have at least 10 years of service with HCDE receive 15 vacation days per year.

Working at HCDE

Harris County Department of Education is a full-service provider of education resources. Our primary clients include school districts, citizens, municipalities, and non-profit entities across and beyond Harris County. We employ administrators, teachers, substitute teachers, therapists, paraprofessionals, custodial employees and others. Applications are accepted and processed throughout the year.

It is our Board Policy for all new hires to undergo a background and fingerprint check prior to start of a job. For certain positions, an official transcript from school or university is also required.

HCDE is an equal opportunity employer. Visit us on Facebook or Twitter to lean more.


HCDE employees may access e-mail from any internet browser using the HCDE Web Outlook Client located at https://webmail.hcde-texas.org. Please contact the HCDE Helpdesk at helpdesk@hcde-texas.org for assistance.


HCDE employees that currently have VPN access may login securely at https://hcdevpn.hcde-texas.org. If you have not accessed VPN before and wish to do so, please contact the Help Desk at (713) 696-1300.

HCDE Intranet (Portal)

To access the HCDE portal from outside our network follow these two steps:

Go to https://hcdeportal.hcde-texas.org/

To login type your HCDE user name and password. Prefix your HCDE user name with hcdemain\, for example, if your user name is rsmith you will type hcdemain\rsmith as your user name.

Time Clock

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Manager Login

Employee Forms

Reimbursement/Claim Forms

To Reset your HCDE Password


Need Assistance?

For technical assistance, contact the Technology Helpdesk by calling 713-696-1300.