Teacher Certification

About HCDE's Teacher Alternative Certification program

Harris County Department of Education provides the highest quality instruction and support for educators enrolled in our teacher alternative certification program.

Coursework sessions are conducted in classroom and online settings with instructors who are content and pedagogy experts. Teacher candidates also spend time observing practicing classroom teachers in partnership schools before their paid internship begins.


Throughout the program, candidates are actively involved with the subject matter content and are provided a mentor at their campus. During the critical one-year internship period, candidates are supported by experienced field supervisors who assist them in content knowledge and instructional skills, leading to increased student achievement. As a result of the numerous pre- and post-certification resources offered, our students rank us as the best teacher alternative certification program in Texas.

HCDE Alternative Certification program is a Texas Education Agency accredited educator preparation program under the Accountability System for Education Preparation (ASEP).

To apply for the HCDE Teacher Alternative Certification program, please see our admission criteria.

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