Center for Safe and Secure Schools

The Center for Safe and Secure SchoolsStudents cannot learn when they are left vulnerable to threats. HCDE’s Center for Safe and Secure Schools provides training, evaluations and other services that protect our students and teachers.


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Harris County Department of Education’s Center for Safe and Secure Schools was established in 1999 at the request of school superintendents to advance safe and secure environments for learning and teaching. The center partners with federal, state and local entities, and is a nationally recognized leader in the development of increased safety and security strategies, standards, and best practices in K-12 school environments for both students and educators. The center continually seeks new and innovative opportunities to continue to build safer and more secure learning environments. Our evolution goes beyond securing the safety of the physical building into bringing safety and security into the classroom learning environment through Restorative Discipline Practices. 

Services include:

  • State-mandated facility safety and security audits
  • State-mandated emergency operation plans
  • U.S. Department of Education and Department of Homeland Security National Incident Management (NIMS) recommended training, exercises and certification
  • Continuity of operations (COOP) training
  • Public health preparedness initiatives
  • Ongoing opportunities for training in a variety of topics such as “threat assessment” and “Intruderology” (active-shooter)
  • Ongoing training and utilization of the nationally recognized and innovative web-based emergency school closure notification system
  • Clients may access our cloud-based safety and security auditing system at

Restorative Discipline Practices (RDP):

Through training in RDP, teachers and school staff members learn how to:

  • Organize and manage their classes for student success
  • Implement a preventative, problem-solving and restorative approach to discipline
  • Manage and array of adolescent behaviors
  • Implement a range of research-based practices and instructional strategies to engage and inspire all learners

When schools implement RDP, they gain:

  • A more collaborative culture focused on systems change
  • The capacity to foster a safe, caring and respectful climate
  • A personalized, disciplined and supportive learning environment
  • Reduction and elimination of harsh, disproportional referrals and suspensions
  • Confidence that all students are treated fairly and equitably
  • Family engagement strategies

The center understands that each school has unique and ever-evolving needs in the area of safety and security. We are committed to helping you assess and address those needs in all four phases (mitigation, prevention, response and recovery) of the emergency management cycle. We are also committed to delivering a positive impact on your school's discipline, climate and academic outcomes.

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