Harris County Department of Education
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In 2016, HCDE was awarded the Texas Comptroller Leadership Circle Platinum Award for Financial Transparency. Since that time the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts has initiated a greater level of accountability, and are recognizing local governments for going above and beyond in their transparency efforts.

The Texas Transparency Stars program is the next level of transparency accountability.  The program recognizes government entities that provide clear and meaningful financial information through the posting of financial documents as well as summaries, visualizations, downloadable data and other relevant information in the following specified areas.


HCDE Contacts

Dr. Jesus J. Amezcua, Assistant Superintendent for Business Services jamezcua@hcde-texas.org 713-696-1371

Rosa M. Torres, RTSBA, Chief Accounting Officer, rmtorres@hcde-texas.org 713-696-8249 

Governing Body:

HCDE Board of Trustees

Name Title                                      Email
Louis D. Evans III, President Position 4, Precinct 3  levans@hcde-texas.org
Eric Dick, Vice President Position 2, Precinct 4  edick@hcde-texas.org
Erica Lee Carter Position 6, Precinct 1  elee@hcde-texas.org
Dr. George Moore Position 1, Precinct 2  gmoore@hcde-texas.org
Don Sumners  Position 7, At-Large  dsumners@hcde-texas.org
Diane Trautman, Ed.D.  Position 3, At-Large  dtrautman@hcde-texas.org
Mike Wolfe  Position 5, At-Large  mwolfe@hcde-texas.org



Narrative Summary

Who is HCDE?

Harris County Department of Education is a county school district and a local government subject to Chapter 11. 301 and former Chapters 17 & 18 of the Education Code. For the Transparency Star Program, HCDE is a Special Purpose District. Our fiscal year begins on September 1 to August 31 and the most current audited fiscal data year available is FY ending 8-31-2017.

Harris County Department of Education (HCDE) has a commitment to demonstrating community stewardship through fiscal responsibility and transparency while positively impacting our community through education and service. Our business model is about implementing system and efficiency of models & transparent operations, addressing educational blind spots with purposeful intent and forward thinking.

At HCDE, we believe that all stakeholders should have access to information to make informed decisions about the sustainability and resiliency of the Department. The Department is committed to providing transparent, open and user-friendly data in an understandable format. As part of this process, HCDE Business Office has created this website to provide direct access to some of most important documents and key indicators.

HCDE continues to improve transparency. We added a briefing to the public in the front of the financial statements which provide an overview of the financial status. See a sample at the following link: http://www.showme.com/sh/?h=IFo7UCO. We have also created benchmarks for key financial indicators in the monthly financial statements. See a sample at the following link: http://www.hcde-texas.org/media/4917/august-17-fin-highlights.pdf.

Included in this page are links to HCDE’s Annual Budgets, Tax Rates, Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR), Popular Annual Financial Reports (PAFR), Annual Management Financial Reports (AFMR and First Indicators), Check Registers, Continuing Disclosure Information, Monthly Interim Financial Statements, Investment Reports, Staffing for the last five years, Revenues and Expenditures for the last five years, Debt per capita for the last five years, and other financial information.


Requests for public information can be forwarded to HCDE’s Public Information Division at:
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The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) consists of management’s representations concerning the finances of the Department. The annual financial statements, presented in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles, have been audited by licensed certified public accountants. 

HCDE has received the Association of School Business Officials International (ASBO) Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting for the 14-15 fiscal year. 

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HCDE has received the Government Finance Officers Association's (GFOA) Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting for the 14-15 fiscal year. HCDE has received this award for the last nine years. The award is given once a team of reviewers finds that the applicant's Popular Annual Financial Report (PAFR) has met or exceeded the criteria on the certificate of excellence checklist for high quality, transparency, and fiscal integrity. 







HCDE is a county independent school district # 101-000, but it does not receive a financial or academic rating. HCDE believes in transparency, and it adheres to 12 of the selected indicators as applied to a local government. In FY 15-16, HDCE met all 12 applicable indicators. Annual reports are prepared and submitted to the Board during the annual required public hearing in accordance with the Texas Administrative Code.

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Historical Revenue And Expenditures Per Capita

[Information includes budget calendar, budget reports, and other analytical data.] Fiscal Year begins Sept 1 and ends Aug 31 

Financial Summary Page



In an effort to be transparent and accountable to the public, HCDE has posts its monthly check registers showing payments by check number, date, payee, amount, and type of expenditures. In addition, HCDE also summarizes electronic payments by category.

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The monthly interim financial reports are presented to the HCDE Board of Trustees by governmental fund type at each regularly monthly Board meeting.  These statements are unaudited.  The reports for the month of August are estimated until the annual year-end closing procedures and audit ae completed and presented within 120 days in accordance with local policy.





Annual Investment Reports provide information and analysis on the Department's investments in accordance with the Texas Public Funds Investment Act as codified under the Texas Govt. Code Chapter 2256. Monthly investment reports are prepare and presented to the Board of Trustees.  





Tax Rate

Information includes tax calendar, notice of tax   hearings, Effective Tax Rate and Rollback Rate     calculations, and other misc. tax rate data.Tax Rate is adopted in September or October after receipt of property values from the Harris County Appraisal District. 

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Debt Obligations

Contracts and Procurement



HCDE Procurement Office

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Narrative Summary

   HCDE continues to improve transparency. We have created a number of public information items on the website which includes the following:



Financial Operations Guidelines are up-to-date information on guidelines, forms and procedures for processing financial information from HCDE divisions and Business Services employees. The guidelines are reviewed and updated annually and is available in-house electronically. It is unaudited, but an invaluable source of internal control and accountability information for use by the external independent auditor. It includes updates of all functions in the business office including purchasing, accounting, accounts receivable, accounts payable, investments and debt.

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Procurement and Awards


Spending patterns on
procurement activities

  Current Posted Bids
and Proposals
  Awarded Bids
and Proposals
  Closed Bids
and Proposals


Awarded and Closed Proposals (Last Three Years)

Vendor Packet and Glossary

HCDE requires a vendor packet of all vendors.

The Annual Budget includes a glossary of forms to be used by all budget managers.


Check Registers

Check registers are presented to the Board of Trustees each month and are posted on the web. Click to view the check registers.


Applicable Statutes for HCDE Procurement

Standards and Resources


Economic Development Data

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Public Pensions Data

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